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Our volunteers are not just important to the organization -- they are the organization!

No matter what your skills are, we have something you could help with. You don't need experience with animal rescue either -- all we need is dedication and commitment, and we'll help you learn.

Our volunteers take part in a variety of activities. Some talk about greyhounds to people who come to our open houses, while others do everything from bathing dogs to screening applications. There really is an activity to fit most peoples' schedules and interests.

If you would like to volunteer, please fill out a volunteer application form and we will be in touch with you right away.

If you'd like to learn more about our major activities, here's a list. If you don't find your niche but would still like to help, please let us know what you can do!

Click here for a Volunteering Application!

Volunteer Opportunities

Foster a Greyhound
Provide a safe home for a dog during the transition from track life to life as a pet! Our fosters provide daily care for a dog, such as feeding, exercise, and vet care (reimbursed.) Fosters bring their dogs to adoption open houses twice a month so prospective adopters can meet them. We provide support and supplies, and reimburse 100% of vet care.

Foster dogs live with us until placement, which is typically a month. Fostering is crucial to our success. If you would like to help save a greyhound's life, please apply.

Application Screening
Our application process includes telephone screening, a home visit, a vet check, and reference checks. Volunteers can help with all aspects of application screening.

Our adoption fee does not cover our costs, so we must fundraise! Fundraising allows us to provide the best of care for our foster dogs. It also pays for advertising, medication, crates, collars and leads. Help us plan and implement fundraising events and donation drives.

Public Outreach
Greyhound Welfare is a fantastic organization, and we need volunteers to help us get the word out through public relations and advertising campaigns. We'd also like to keep in touch with our volunteers and adopters through a newsletter.

Operational Support
From picking up dogs from hauls, to ordering supplies, there are plenty of operational functions vital to keeping things running smoothly. Volunteers are needed to order supplies, do inventory, check voicemail, write routine correspondence, pickup donated items, coordinate veterinary care, assist in transporting dogs, and much, much more!

Follow Up
Adoption does not end our involvement with dogs we place. We stay in touch with adopters to ensure happy endings for our dogs.

Volunteers do routine check-ins and provide support and guidance to adopters by email and phone.

Click here for a Volunteer Application!

Greyhound Welfare
PO Box 27 , Spencerville MD 20868
Telephone: (301) 949-0615 | Fax: (866) 727-7881


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